Toilet Repair and Installation Services in Ferris

Is a damaged toilet ruining your day in Ferris, TX? Call Combat Plumbing at (972) 848-3597 and get industry leading toilet repair and installation services today! Or click here to save with our current online coupons.

Functioning toilets are a necessity in any modern home in Ferris, TX. Yet more often than not we find damaged toilets that have become unusable in many of our customers homes. Toilets suffering from improper installation and clogs. If you suspect that your home is one of these, suffering from a damaged toilet, call Combat Plumbing today. Our expert staff specializes in the installation and repair of your homes toilets. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get your toilet back to working order in no time!

What Causes A Damaged Toilet?

There a variety of causes for a damaged toilet, whether or not you keep your toilet clean and maintained, you are still bound to encounter a few problems that you won’t be able to control. For example, as toilets age over a period of time, the porcelain may start to crack and cause leakage. Even though bleach tablets were designed for cleaning the toilet, overtime it damages the seals and gaskets in your toilet causing it to leak as well. Sometimes the damage is caused by faulty pipes within the toilet and in some cases as with new homes especially, the toilet may cease to function for an unknown reason. If this is the case, seeking professional help from our trained staff is always your best choice!

How Do You Repair A Toilet?

A faulty toilet can cause a lot of damage if left unchecked over time. The first step in repairing the toilet is identifying the problem. The toilet needs to be assessed as to what exactly is the cause, whether it may be a crack in the porcelain or damage within the pipes. Then it must be determined if it is repairable or if it would be more cost effective to install a new one. Once the source of the problem has been found, there are a variety of remedies and professional tools that can be used to fix the problem. At Combat Plumbing we offer our customers various options to repair their homes toilet efficiently and professionally.

How Do You Install A Toilet?

Sometimes the damages on/in a toilet are irreparable, in that case you may need to get a new toilet installed. Installing a new toilet is a fairly complex task, it involves firstly disassembling the damaged toilet by utilizing a variety of tools to fully remove the old toilet. Most if not all toilets are not only connected by the pipes but are also lined with a substance that makes it stick to the floor permanently, which can cause damage to floor if removed incorrectly. This is where Combat Plumbing comes in, we understand that you may need some assistance with repairing or installing a toilet. We have a team of professionals with the right tools and experience to install a new toilet without causing damages to your pipes and or floor when removing the previous toilet.

What is The Importance Of Professional Services?

Time is of the urgency, it is important that you seek professional services as soon as you spot a defect in your toilet. Whether the case may be a leakage or an overflow, what starts off as a minor problem can cause you hundreds or even thousands of dollars of damage, as more and more bacteria infested water leaks throughout the house. This not only cause damage as far as physical things of value, but also presents a health risk to you and the members of your home, as there are literally millions of bacteria within water leaking from a damaged toilet. If you find any issue in your toilet getting professional services from Combat Plumbing is imperative. Call us today to schedule an appointment and get fast and friendly services in no time!

Are you installing a new toilet or replacing an old one in Ferris, TX? Call Combat Plumbing at (972) 848-3597 and get immediate attention today!

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