Faucet Leak Repair Services in Dallas Texas

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A water leak stemming from a faucet can be one of the most trickiest situations in your home. Because there are faucets in kitchens, bathrooms, garages, and in some instances backyard areas, these leaks can wreak havoc on our customers home. Whether the faucet leak comes from wear and tear or another situation like excessive pressure, repairing it as quickly as possible is always important. At Combat Plumbing we serve Dallas, TX and thesurrounding areas, and provide our customers with fast, friendly, and professional, faucet leak repair services. See what our past customers have to say about our work here!

Faucet Leak Repair Services in Dallas Texas

What Causes Faucet Leaks to Occur?

A faucet leak is caused by various factors that if ignored can all lead to serious issues. A faucet leak can be caused by corrosion, defective gaskets, defective washers, defective o-rings, and mineral deposits. When these parts fail, leakage can happen in areas such as your kitchen or bathroom sinks, leading to serious water damage if not addressed efficiently. At Combat Plumbing our expert staff can inspect your homes faucets and determine the cause for the issues.

How Can a Leaky Faucet Affect Your Home?

A faucet leak can affect your home by causing upwards of $10,000 worth of water waste per year. Even worse, water damages can cause corrosion and mineral deposits around your faucets leaving it an ugly mess. It can become a total eyesore to you and more importantly, to friends and family that come over to visit. The most extreme situation is regarding your health. Faucet leaks can lead to the growth of mold and mildew. It is imperative that faucet leak issues are resolved immediately because of the harmful situations they can cause if left unattended.

What is The Repair Process for a Leaking Faucet?

We repair leaks in a variety of ways depending on where the leak is and the severity of the leak. Once these factors are determined, our repair process can move forward. After a thorough examination, we will begin our repairs and make sure that we take care of your faucet leak. Additionally, our technicians will address any further issues that we find. We take pride in our work and guarantee that it will be done right the first time. Nothing is more frustrating to pay for a service that is not done correctly.

How Can Combat Plumbing Help With Your Leaking Faucet?

Our main goal is customer retention and due to the fact that faucet leaks are common and may become an issue again allowing our expert staff to assist you is always your best course of action. We specialize in water leak detection, water leak repair, and fixture leakage, that may show up in other appliances aside from your faucet. We pride ourselves on satisfying our customers ensuring that you keep coming back for all of your plumbing issues!

Are you wasting water because of a leaking faucet in the Dallas, TX area? Call Combat Plumbing at (972) 617-7171 to get our expert services today!

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