Complete These 5 Simple Drain Maintenance Tasks

It’s no secret that drain maintenance isn’t the most enjoyable task, and with summer coming to a close you may be tempted to spend every possible minute soaking up those final rays of sunlight.

However, the only thing that’s less fun than doing drain maintenance in the summer, is doing it in the frigid Red Oak winter. Save yourself some trouble, and tackle these five maintenance during the summer and fall, so you don’t get left out in the cold!

Perimeter Drain Inspection

Perimeter drains are designed to keep water from seeping into your basement, so a clog here could cause some serious problems! In addition to basement flooding, which could lead to mold growth, water damage could compromise your home’s foundation. Consider calling a licensed professional to make sure your perimeter drains are in tip top shape. 

Clean Those Gutters

Be sure to remove any branches and dirt from your downspouts and gutters to keep any debris from combining with rainwater to create a nasty sludge that can make its way into your perimeter drains and clog them. Though cleaning out your gutters will save you time and money, things happen, and sometimes clogs form anyway. If you end up with a perimeter clog, be sure to call a licensed plumber to resolve the problem right away! 

Check Your Backwater Valves

Backwater valves prevent backflow by using a small flat that allows water within your drain pipes to exit your home, but closes to keep backflow from re-entering. They are especially handy when heavy rain hits the area and threatens to overwhelm storm drains, which can stir up trouble within your sewer lines. Check on your backwater valves to ensure they’re working properly; if you discover you don’t have these crucial valves, have a plumber install them.

Consider Drain Strainers

You may have seen these small, porous baskets before but never knew what they were called! These helpful little devices are set into the drain to prevent hair and other small particles from creating a major blockage in your pipes. Not only do drain strainers prevent clogs in your drains, but they easily fit into sink, floor and bathtub drains as well! These versatile yet impactful inserts will make sure you won’t have to unclogpotentially frozen, uncooperative plumbing pipes during the frigid winter season. 

Keep An Eye Out For Leaks

Fall storms put immense stress on your plumbing, not only because of the influx of water within your pipes, but also the fallen debris such as leaves and dirt that can add even more pressure to your system. To make sure you are prepared for the upcoming season, check for leaks that indicate your pipes may not be able to withstand future storms. Even if you observe a minor leak, it is best to schedule a repair before the issue becomes a major problem, such as a burst pipe!

If you have any questions about the summer or fall drain maintenance your home needs, give Combat Plumbing a call at any of our three Red Oak area locations! Our highly-knowledgeable plumbers are happy to help in any way we can!

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